welcome. Thank you for visiting the Canadian version of Yuko's web site. Yuko Ohigashi is among some most brilliant and talented solo piano composers. For the age of 15, her compositions are quite stunning. They express an ultimately unique rhythm, style, and flow, while successfully conveying deep feelings and emotions that would difficult to express with words.

Yuko was born in Nagoya, Japan. She started playing the piano at the age of six, and began composing her music when she was eight. Since then she has progressed rapidly, and at the end of last year, 2002, she entered the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, USA. For the past several years her published compositions have grown into a very beautiful collection. You can sample some of them  in various digitized formats. She has also put together some of her own mixes of music composed by a few other well-known composers ranging from Mozart to Beethoven, as well as a few newer artists. Her style is definitely unique, and her music is something everyone ought to experience.







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