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welcome to the homepage of TI-Velocity, your resource to some of the greatest Texas Instruments graphing calculator games available. Currently this site has program archives for only the TI-83 and TI-83 plus, however if you have anything for another TI calculator, don't hesitate to submit your program to the archives!

TI-83 graphing calculator
Featured Program  - BangBang 4

BangBang 4The most exciting scorched earth game ever made for the TI-83 has been improved! This game has fast random terrain generation, especially compared to the commonly used "shade" command tactic. You can play a single player game, a one player game against the AI, or a two player game. Includes a wacky but challenging multi-difficulty level Artificial Intelligence and has different terrain options and missile types. More games...

Archives - July 4, 2003
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News - July 28, 2007

There has been very little activity on this site recently since I've been busy working on other projects. However the site is still being hosted since it's useful for reference. Enjoy!


News - January 12, 2004

The "sdwMSNBot" application has been released!. It can actually carry on rudimentary conversation with you or up to 100 of your MSN contacts simultaneously!!... click here to go to the information and download page.


News - July 12, 2002

Welcome to all of my bandwidth users! I must have done something right, otherwise you would not be here! This time of year I tend to get an influx of visitors, because you've all just bought your TI-83 for school and can't wait to fill it with games! I plan to add to this site and make it even more exciting. A survey of something perhaps... :-)


News - July 12, 2001

This site has just begun the actual construction phase. The HTML of  TI-Velocity is being written with Microsoft FrontPage 4.0, HomeSite 3.0, Arachnophilia, Super NotePad, and plain old Notepad. Compatibility tests are taken with Netscape, but complete Netscape compatibility is not guaranteed. If possible, use Internet Explorer for the best experience. Graphics on this site were drawn and manipulated with Paint Shop Pro 6.

This web site is maintained by Sean Weeks
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Homepage: http://www.scybolt.com

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